No matter where you are, Joolca makes you feel right at home.

The challenges of the Australian outback are what inspired our engineers to make life on the road much like life at home. With Joolca, there are no flimsy mounting brackets or delicate technology. No proprietary connections or inbuilt batteries. Just a range of easy-to-use creature comforts that you’ll quickly learn to take for granted.

Enjoy a Joolca hot shower and get those greasy dishes sparkling with HOTTAP, the world’s most compact gas water heater in its class. Pump water from the creek with the automatic and self-priming FLOTAP. Add GASKNECT quick-connections, filters, stands, tents and accessories for unbeatable convenience.

A bit about Joolca

Joolca is a family-owned engineering company, with a passion to innovate, design, sell and service outdoor equipment that makes you feel at home, wherever you are.

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