We offer a huge range of Australian Made Off-Road Camper Trailers from CUB Campers and Track Trailer


Why buy a CUB?


Cub Campers are manufactured in the Cub factory in NSW, Australia. The chassis are welded together using Australian Steel supplied by Blue Scope Steel. The production line then hand crafts each camper at every stage down to the handmade tent made with Wax Converters Australian-made canvas.

Cub Campers are a proud member of the “Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild”.

We can custom build you a CUB from any of our models:

CUB Weekender

$25,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Explorer

$30,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Brumby

$38,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Escape

$43,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Frontier

$49,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Drifter

$59,430.00 inc. GST

CUB Scout

$37,430.00 inc. GST

CUB C16 Caravan

$132,190.00 inc. GST

CUB L16 Caravan

$97,990.00 inc. GST

CUB Drifter GT

$47,990.00 inc. GST

Why buy a Track Tvan?

Since its launch in 2000, the Tvan Camper Trailer quickly became well known for its distinct design and industry leading off-road capabilities. Throughout the years the Tvan has been widely acclaimed by journalists, owners and explorers. The Tvan® has earned these accolades through continual design improvements and option development; evolving to meet customer expectations.

We can custom build you a Tvan from any of our models:

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FROM: $65,940


FROM: $74,650


FROM: $90,140


FROM: $99,460


The Tvan® MK5 shares the same off-road ‘DNA’ as the past 20 years of Tvan. The MK5 boasts several huge improvements including a new roof; which increases the cabin space and gives more room above the bed. All models now feature more technology and further refined electrics, 2 kitchen configuration options and loads more storage – but not at the expense of light weight touring.

The principal features of the Tvan® such as the quick erect tent, stored in its own compartment (not on the bed) and the dynamically styled body have all been refined and improved with an emphasis on ease of use and reduced set up times. All Tvan® models share the same key characteristics such as MC2 Suspension®, hot dipped galvanised chassis, durable riveted steel and aluminium construction of the cabin and lower body lockers, aluminium rear folding platform (deck), off-road electric brakes and fully articulated off-road coupling etc. All other specifications, options and accessories are up to you.

This process allows you to customise your Tvan® to match your tow vehicle’s capabilities, your camping preferences and budget. The models are identifiable by their highlighted colours; Yulara (Blue)Tanami (Green)Canning (Red)Murranji (Orange) and now with two new 20th Anniversary models Inspire (Genesis Blue) and Zenith (Future Black).


Built by Australians for Australians. All profits stay here and enrich our community.


Track Trailer has a genuine military history and a reputation designing and testing products to suit the Australian outback.

Off-Road Caravans

We offer a the best Australian Made Off-Road Caravans from Track Trailer

Why buy a Track T4?

Track has drawn inspiration from the creative musical processes of composition and performance to; not only name the individual caravans in the Track T4 Collection, but also in anticipation for your input to the process.

We all understand that a composer’s greatest works will often gain richness, colour and emotion as they are interpreted by a conductor and musicians.

You and your family are the conductor/musicians and your interpretation and customisation of the Track T4 Collection will not only deliver your needs, but will also make it even more individual and engaging.

Track has anticipated your desire to create a special space for you and your family and so has created its most flexible range of options ever, so that the opportunities for individual interpretation are broad and many, right across the T4 Collection.

Let’s start with which T4 is right for you.

We can custom build you a T4 from any of our models:

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A Symphony refers to a piece with multiple distinct sections but we choose to take meaning from the earliest notion of symphony, that an instrument might produce multiple sounds simultaneously.

Our interpretation is that the Track Symphony is the most flexible of our models. It is adaptable from a couples van, to accommodating small children, from inside cooking, to outside cooking, with many cabinet, drawer and robe storage options to mix and match.

Older children are easily accommodated with the inclusion of the family room,with space for bunks, which along with the shower tent extends from the rear hatch of the van.

Inside: sink, cooker, grill & fridge

Main: Queen width E/W std or N/S opt

Couches: Room for 2 children 4-8 years

External std or Family room opt

FROM: $154,340

A Concerto embraces both the orchestra and the soloists, just as a family is a collective it is also made up of individuals.

The Track Concerto is unmistakably a family van. It includes sleeping accommodation for up to 6 (2 adults, 2 adolescents and 2 small children) with up to 6 seats in its dinette.
It features the Track Premium kitchen which is deployed under the extensive awning, making cooking for the whole tribe a breeze.

Outside: pull out, cooker & sink

Inside: sink & fridge

Main: Queen width E/W std or N/S opt

Couches: Room for 2 children 4-8 years

Bunks x2: children up to 16 years

External std or Family room opt

FROM: $157,940

A Rhapsody, in music, is a one-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, colour and tonality, with an air of spontaneous inspiration.

The Track Rhapsody is first and foremost a couples van, free from compromise. It offers the most comfortable and personal living space for 2, with its north/south bed layout, opulent internal ensuite and gas kitchen. You will be supremely comfortable indoors, even as you travel to explore the great outdoors.

Inside; sink, cooker, grill & fridge

Main: Queen N/S std or E/W opt

Couches: Room for 2 children 4-8 years (if E/W)

Internal shower and toilet

External Living: No Fly Zone std or Shower tent or Family room opt

FROM: $159,990


James Baroud and IKamper Rooftop tents are made to the highest standards and are purpose built for off-roading


Ikamper Rooftop Tents

iKamper’s Skycamp is an innovative, expandable hard shell rooftop tent that sets up in 1 minute and sleeps 4 people. In 2017, the Skycamp® became the most successful tent in crowdfunding history, raising $2.3 million. In 2018, the Skycamp won the Red Dot Design Award and became available in 26 countries. In 2019, we introduced the Skycamp 2.0: a new, improved Skycamp.

Due to COVID-19 – there is a 2 month delay on some iKamper products. When you place an order we will update you with the ETA.

James Baroud Rooftop Tents

Stylish, Light & Practical. Made With Highest Quality Fiberglass. 5 Year Warranty. Roof Top Camper For All Styles Of Camping. Contact Us or Order Online. Full Manufacture Warranty. Models: Discovery (M), Space (M), Evasion (M) Grand Raid (M) and Grand Raid (XL).

Camping Gear

We offer a great range of high quality accessories to help you get out sooner and stay longer










$45.00 inc. GST