Tvan MK5 Models

The Concept

All Tvans share the same rugged off-road DNA. Based on the same body, chassis, suspension, brakes, coupling etc. The Tvan utilises durable riveted steel and aluminium construction, proven in the harshest outback conditions.
Using thick automotive seals and compression catches the cabin and lockers remain dust proof and water free throughout.

When ordering, a Tvans suspension can be customised to match the wheel and tyres of most tow vehicles.

From this platform we offer you 4 models to suit your tow vehicles capabilities, camping preferences and budget. Our Yulara is our ultra-light model, while the Tanami, Canning and Murranji offer more standard features and additional drawbar storage options. Models are identifiable by their highlight colours, Yulara (blue), Tanami (green), Canning (red) and Murranji (orange).

Standard Specifications on all Tvan models:


    • Industry leading off-road hot dipped galvanised chassis with genuine military grade MC2 Suspension®
    • Proprietary aluminium sandwich panel wall construction
    • Significantly increased head height around the bed
    • Off-road electric brakes and hand brake
    • DO35, 3.5 tonne fully articulated off-road coupling
    • Aluminium checker plate drawbar step and spirit level
    • Rear fold down deck coated in durable slip resistant finish for safe road side access. Now featuring built in deck legs for convenience
    • LED tail lights and side clearance markers
    • Rear wood rack
    • 108L steel protected food grade tank with grit filters
    • 2x side panniers for 20L jerry cans (40L total)


    • Roof mounted 60W solar panel with regulator
    • Voltmeter
    • 105Ah deep cycle AGM battery, fused and wired to anderson plug connection
    • Interior Command Console (ICC) fascia with master switch and individual circuit switching
    • Merit, cigarette and USB plugs integrated within ICC


    • Sail awning


  • Drawbar stone deflectors
  • 4x jerry can holders
  • Spare wheel mount & tyre / gas bottle cover


  • Classic Kitchen /stainless steel slide out 2 burner kitchen, including sink and plumbed water, 2x 4kg gas bottles and mounts
  • External light over kitchen
  • 12V merit plug in kitchen locker


  • Twin roof hatches with blinds and insect screens
  • Genuine Australian made Wax Converters canvas (Dynaproofed)
  • Easy to use magnetised tent fixings for a quicker and easier set up and pack up
  • Magnetised window curtains
  • Queen size high density foam mattress
  • LED light in tent
  • LED reading lights – individually switched with a master override
  • Internal tool box and security lock box
  • Storage locker lighting
  • Insulated wall panels and fabric lined roof

Models and Options list:


108L water tankSTDSTDSTDSTD
Draw water from an external source; jerry can or creekOPTSTDSTDSTD
Additional 70L Water TankOPTOPTOPTOPT
Classic Kitchen /stainless steel slide out 2 burner kitchen, including sink and plumbed water, 2x 4kg gas bottles. External light over kitchen & 12V merit plug in kitchen locker.STDSTDN/AN/A
Kitchen extension shelf quickly and easily attaches to the wheel arch creating more space for utensils and condiments and also provides a tea towel hanger.OPTSTDN/AN/A
Upgrade to Premium kitchen:
Larger prep space, more storage including 3 large drawers. 3 burner cook top with Piezo ignition. Glass top sink with flick-mixer tap and easy to use windshield. OPTOPTSTDSTD
Under Kitchen LED lightN/AN/AOPTOPT
Upgrade to 120W rooftop solar panelOPTSTDSTDSTD
21A battery chargerOPTSTDSTDSTD
Battery management display upgradeOPTSTDSTDSTD
Battery management display - Bluetooth upgradeOPTOPTSTDSTD
4x USB sockets alongside bed (2x each side)OPTOPTSTDSTD
Inverter 300W pure Sine - fittedOPTOPTSTDSTD
2x outside 240V kitchen outletsOPTOPTOPTSTD
Installation of 2nd battery wiring for future upgradeOPTOPTOPTOPT
2nd 105Ah Deep Cycle BatteryOPTOPTOPTOPT
Lithium 96Ah battery upgrade from AGM 105OPTOPTOPTOPT
2nd Lithium 96Ah battery and wiringOPTOPTOPTOPT
40A DC DC MPPT charger (Redarc) Upgrade from 25A790OPTOPTOPT
Drawbar Frame:
Std. Drawbar with stone deflectors, 4 x jerry can holders, 2 x gas bottles with spare wheel mount & tyre / gas bottle coverSTDSTDN/AN/A
Front pivoting tray / wood rack (required for mounting bike racks)OPTOPTN/AN/A
1x Bike rack (max 2, requires front pivoting tray)OPTOPTN/AN/A
Drawbar Storage:
Front boot: Equipped with 2 sealed lockers accessible on the LHS and RHS. The LHS is standard with a sliding fridge drawer, insulation ,12V power and venting. The RH compartment is fitted with a pressure switch activated LED light.OPTOPTSTDSTD
RHS slide out tray with tie down pointsOPTOPTOPTSTD
Front boot shelf 440mm above the short slideOPTOPTOPTOPT
Front boot shelf 510mm above the short slideOPTOPTOPTOPT
Front boot shelf 440mm above the Long slideOPTOPTOPTOPT
Front boot shelf 510mm above the Long slideOPTOPTOPTOPT
RHS venting & power (for a 2nd fridge)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Drawer swap RHS to LHS (for longer fridges)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Engel Posi-Lock Socket in Fridge compartmentOPTOPTOPTOPT
Front storage box bike mounting brackets (add bike racks)OPTOPTOPTOPT
1x Bike rack (max 4, requires front storage brackets)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Interior Refinements:
Roof storage systemOPTSTDSTDSTD
Side wall storage pocketsOPTSTDSTDSTD
Under mattress linerOPTSTDSTDSTD
3 speed fan with timerOPTSTDSTDSTD
Additional fan 3 speed fan with timerOPTOPTSTDSTD
Fabric lined bed headOPTOPTSTDSTD
AM/FM/ Bluetooth Fusion Portable speaker with dock (water proof), Inc. USB & chargerOPTOPTSTDSTD
Diesel hot water & heatingOPTOPTOPTSTD
Skyward™ Rear lift up deck - for easy accessOPTOPTOPTSTD
Bed tie down rails (pair)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Fabric lined rear tent hatchOPTOPTOPTOPT
Interior canvas seats (pair)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Hatch mounted entry light (above tent door)OPTOPTOPTOPT
240V under bed air conditioner, 2x bed head vents and 1 tent ventOPTOPTOPTOPT
Sliding glass windows (fly or sand-fly mesh)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Innerspring pillow top mattress upgradeOPTOPTOPTOPT
Ultimate pocket spring mattress upgradeOPTOPTOPTOPT
GPS tracker (Black Knight)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Tent & Canvas Expansions:
Rear insect screen (30sec setup)OPTSTDSTDSTD
2 additional tent windows and vent under bedOPTOPTOPTSTD
Ensuite tent (purchased with diesel hot water)OPTOPTOPTSTD
Ensuite tentOPTOPTOPTN/A
Rear insect screen upgrade to full canvas660OPTOPTOPT
Tropical roof (in lieu of catch net)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Zip on family room tent with solid vinyl floorOPTOPTOPTOPT
Outdoor Living:
Quick Cover™ Swing out awningOPTOPTSTDSTD
Awning roof, kitchen end & fridge wallOPTOPTOPTOPT
Separate 2nd end wall (tent end)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Window upgrade per wall (end wall)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Separate draught skirtOPTOPTOPTOPT
Separate front wall with 2 x windows & doorOPTOPTOPTOPT
Alloy Wheels upgrade to ROH Octagon or Terrain 16x8OPTOPTOPTSTD
Customise external highlight colour and internal drawer trim colour (10 to choose from)OPTOPTOPTSTD
LHS inside pannier storage binOPTOPTOPTOPT
RHS Lockable outside pannier doors x1 (not dust proof)OPTOPTOPTOPT
LHS Lockable outside pannier doors x1 (not dust proof)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Under bed storage box 40 litre (each)OPTOPTOPTOPT
Under bed drawer storage system (all 3 drawers below) - sheet metal construction and removable for easy packingOPTOPTOPTOPT
LHS drawer - singleOPTOPTOPTOPT
LHS drawer to suit for air conditioning option - singleOPTOPTOPTOPT
Middle drawer - singleOPTOPTOPTOPT
RHS drawer - singleOPTOPTOPTOPT
Maxtrax mounting pinsOPTOPTOPTOPT
Maxtrax available in blue, green, red and orange to match your TvanOPTOPTOPTOPT
Portable toiletOPTOPTOPTOPT
Suspension & Chassis
Underbody spare wheel carrierOPTOPTOPTOPT
1.8 Tonne suspension upgrade including 12” brakesOPTOPTOPTOPT
Bumpstops to suit tyres 33” diameterOPTOPTOPTOPT
Electronic stability controlOPTOPTOPTOPT
ALKO Ratchet jockey with solid wheelOPTOPTOPTOPT
Underbody protection mudflapsOPTOPTOPTOPT

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