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The Tvan ® Camper Trailer

Since its launch in 2000, the Tvan Camper Trailer quickly became well known for its distinct design and industry leading off-road capabilities. Throughout the years the Tvan has been widely acclaimed by journalists, owners and explorers. The Tvan® has earned these accolades through continual design improvements and option development; evolving to meet customer expectations.

This outstanding camper trailer has captured the hearts and minds of off-roaders since its inception. It goes everywhere and seems to have no limits! It’s performance is unquestionably good thanks to its military developed MC2 Suspension. The Tvan is available in several configurations to suit your purpose and budget.

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TRACK’s new T4 collection of off-road rvs (hybrid caravans) offers you, your partner and family the perfect opportunity to have the camping lifestyle you choose.

With 3 preceding hybrid caravan designs and more than 10 years in the making, this exquisite collection features 3 unique models to suit couples, families and no-fuss adventurers. The Track Trailer T4 Rhapsody is a top-of-the-line rig that sets a new benchmark in the competitive hybrid market.

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Track Trailer Awards

Track Trailer Tvan Murranji: Camper Trailer 2015 Winner

This Aussie camping legend proves it has still got what it takes to stay ahead of the pack.

The Murranji is the top-of-the-line Tvan from Track Trailer, and its features and accessories have steadily improved over the years. While a standard Murranji has a RRP of $52,600, the unit presented at CTOTY came in nearly $10K dearer. That sounds like (and is) a lot of money, but you get a lot of camper for the cash, along with proven reliability, proven on and offroad performance and proven resale value.

Off Road Camper Trailer of Year 2011

Winner of $35 – $45K category

Camper Trailer Australia
After four long days of driving, posing, educating and off roading from Rainbow Beach to Land Cruiser Park the CTA Judges declared winners!

The Track Tvan® was Awarded Off- Road Camper Trailer of the Year 2011 in its category. The Tvan was competing against some of the best products Australia has to offer, from hard floor to soft floor variants.

Off Road Camper Trailer of Year 2009

Winner Hard Floor

Campertrailer Australia

Criteria included bushability, family-friendliness, comfort, innovation, value, ease of use and ease of setting up.

Motoring journalists Philip Lord and Glenn Torrens joined CTA editor Carlisle Rogers, campertrailers.org founder Rob Sanderson and Trader Classifieds circulation manager Stuart Jones to form the judging team.

Camper Trailer of Millennium

Motorhome, Camper Trailer and Caravan Manufacturers joined forces to present the best and most interesting display of Recreational Vehicles ever assembled in Australia.

All members, of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia (RVMAA) the fourteen manufacturers independently developed this fine collection displaying vision and innovation.

Track Trailer® produced this very different but functional Camper Trailer. The revolutionary style and colours are a far cry from traditional Camper Trailers, it will be interesting to see how they go. (2000)

Thanks to RV.com.au

The Track Trailer® MC2 Asymmetric Link chassis and suspension system was the result of experience and the insights it brings and the necessity to innovate or fail.

In 1995 Track Trailer was invited to tender for the supply of trailers to the Australian Military. The specification required a 16inch wheeled trailer to go where a Unimog goes and come back without damage! This meant the chassis and suspension not only had to be robust, it had to have substantially more wheel travel than was available with any of the conventionally available systems.

Track Trailer developed its MC2 Asymmetric Link chassis and suspension system from a clean sheet of paper to ensure it not only met the required specification but also took advantage of its potential to minimise the need for service and maximise the ease of controllability of the tow vehicle trailer combination on rough terrain. Its distinctive trademark asymmetric links are another example of form following function and will no doubt be imitated, but the innovation that created them and applied them can not be copied easily nor can the track record be granted to imitators.

Due to the hostile environments in which Track Trailer products operate it is imperative that all products are manufactured and designed to the highest possible standards of performance. This means that all product modifications undergo rigorous testing before implementation especially suspension modifications.

Track Trailer MC2 Asymmetric Link chassis and suspension system is routinely customised to allow the trailer’s wheels and tyres to be matched to the client’s tow vehicle. This ensures the best security for the traveller in remote locations and has proven a popular feature.

The chassis itself is a combination of some continuing long standing Track Trailer practices such as hot dip galvanizing, which Track Trailer started in the late 1980’s and applying some sound principles learned from the design of truck and chassis such as the use of torque tubes, welded on both flanges of chassis members. Properly engineered draw bars with precise jigs and rigorous quality control in assembly and welding, ultimately produces a chassis that is as light as it is robust and reliable.

With its wheel travel, self steering geometry, spring and shock absorber rates calibrated to each application, our MC2 Asymmetric Link chassis and suspension system has been used in varied applications from small gear carrying trailers through to massive Mine Warfare Satellite Earth Stations. This is the only suspension system available in the recreational market that’s currently being utilised by the military. Quite simply it is reliable, robust, proven and effective. Nothing compares.