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Streamlined, efficient and durable; this is the ethos the new Odyssey Frontier has been designed and built to. Our roof top tents are considered the best choice when it comes to using the highest quality raw materials and setting the benchmark for quality and durability in the outdoor market.

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Our Research & Development team over the past 6 years have reviewed and redesigned every aspect of our roof top tents focusing on even more comfort, safety, efficiency and durability.
The Frontier roof top tent series design is more aerodynamic, functional, tougher, and easier to put up and pack down. The Odyssey is what you have come to expect from James Baroud roof top tents – European designed and built.


External Dimensions: 204 x 143 x 34cm (closed)

Internal Dimensions: 200 x 140 x 100cm (open)

Weight: Approx: 68kg

Of course, being a James Baroud product you also get the comfort of a world class European build quality all backed by a 3 year guarantee.


  • The new 4mm thick ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell with a UV protection offers long lifespan, is high shock resistant with insulating properties.
  • The James Baroud renowned patented canvas has been upgraded to a 3 layered heavier duty canvas with double stitched seams for extra strength, it reflects UV rays, is heat and water resistant and permeable to air.
  • 100% Blackout technology of the canvas provides comfort and privacy.
  • All seams double stitched for reinforcement.
  • Leave bedding inside the tent when you close your tent and hit the road.
  • High pressure piston arms automatically assist the raising of the tent through the hydraulic articulated arms and the patented locking mechanism. Allowing for multiple adjustment. The arms provide more room in the tent and a larger sleeping mattress footprint.
  • Optional Roof racks/Cargo bars designed for easy addition or removal to hold 75kg on closed tent and 25kg on open tent. Racks great for surfboards, solar panels, kayaks, skis and more. Fully removeable.
  • Solar Powered Ventilation system to increase airflow.
  • Rear window with transparent PVC So that you can illuminate the interior without opening the window on the colder or rainy days.
  • New high density PVC latches that won’t freeze or rust and make it easier to open and close, only 2 locks required due to new hull design.
  • Accessory rail for smooth and easy attachment of James Baroud tunnel.


  • The new streamlined shape is designed for extra durability and aerodynamic efficiency.
  • James Baroud Frontier models of roof top tents shells are made with a thick ABS plastic (4mm) that is strong, durable and resistant to heat and light.
  • It also has a layer coated on the outside that gives it extra UV protection.
  • A specially designed aluminum profile rim with several integrated gutters that easily allows the attachment of our accessories, including our patented tunnel system.


  • The Frontier series Locks are now made of a strong polymer.
  • The front security of the tent has a new patented locking mechanism to make it easier and faster to open and close.
  • They were designed to resist extreme cold and rain while also being easy to open and close.
  • To improve the tent aerodynamics, there are now only 2 Locks on the back sides, no front latches.


  • Our industry leading patented canvas is now even better. It now consists of an aluminised coated high-quality 3 layered fabric, with 650 gr/m2, double seams (strength and to prevent water infiltration) that reflects solar rays and is resistant to UV, heat and water.
  • It is fitted under curved aluminum guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect water drainage and strong wind resistance, tested in gusts of wind of 120km/h.
  • The Odyssey roof top tent has the trademarked 360º view through its windows and doors with the Mosquito Net stitched into the fabric.
    The James Baroud Mosquito Net is made with the strongest and most durable technology in the market, it has been tested in all environments.
  • When closed, you can enjoy a full night’s rest with an improved acoustic and thermal insulation, 100% blackout technology and rubber cursors on all the zippers, a simple system so it can be very silent even with heavy wind.
    The rear door features a transparent PVC window for when it’s raining or cold, the window can be closed from outside weather but light still comes inside.
  • It’s closed with a double seamed Velcro strip for perfect impermeability.
  • The concept of the design is to put your head in the taller part of the bottom canvas – so people can’t see you inside – and your feet in the lower section, so you can take advantage of the full 360º view even while laying down 100% blackout; Superior acoustic and thermal insulation


  • Like all James Baroud hard shell roof top tents, this tent has solar powered ventilation system.
  • The fan is the best technology to prevent condensation and help exhaust heat, thereby avoiding the humidity.
  • The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is automatically recharged while in the sun. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan was conceived to circulate a volume seven times the size of our biggest tent.


  • One of the biggest innovations of the Frontier Series is the possibility to add roof rack bars / cargo bars to top of the roof top tent. This has been achieved in the Odyssey due to the stronger polymer and new hull design.
  • You can now attach the Frontier Cargo Bars accessory (sold separately) to hold surfboards, kayaks, solar panels and even extra cargo above the tent.
  • The bars on a closed tent can take up to 75kg of weight.
  • The open tent can take up to 25kg of weight on the bars.


  • The closing and opening of the tent is automatically assisted through 4 hydraulic dampers and articulated arms, the pistons assure the tension of the fabric of the rooftop tent for perfect wind resistance.
  • It has a patented locking mechanism where it can be fine tuned with a tough of your fingers for best performance.
  • After opening the tent with just a nudge, you just need to lock all 4 arms individually from inside the tent.


  • The Odyssey is featured with a storage net on the upper part of the interior and on the ends of the tent.
  • When closed, the tent has a space for storage of 20cm in height.
  • In the hull space, it is possible to store: 2 sleeping bags or blankets 2 pillows Sleeping clothes, the James Baroud ladder


  • Our High-Density Mattress is made for long trips and maximum comfort.
  • With 28kg/m3 density and 65mm high, it is often reported as the most comfortable in the market.
  • The new Odyssey maintains a clean rectangle shape, without the ‘strut cut-outs’. This has been made possible by the new strut design, providing more internal room.
  • Our Anti-Condensation Mattress (ACM) is still a featured extra in the Odyssey. Providing even more comfort whilst allowing air to flow below it.


  • The ladder is adjustable to the vehicle height and flexible to match movement when people move inside the roof top tent.
  • With non-slip and ergonomic steps It is sent inside the tent or your storage location in a bag made of canvas and PVC, to avoid sand, mud and water getting inside the tent.
  • It has a lock mechanism attached so it doesn’t fall even with high winds and rain, it also has a rubber finishing in the bottom so it sticks to every terrain.
  • The James Baroud Ladder was designed and tested to withstand weights over 200kg. The ladder supplied with the tent is 2.40cm high. We also supply the XL Ladder (sold separately) measuring 300cm for extra height.


  • The new James Baroud Clamps now are more versatile and can be attached to bars with varied width between 30mm and 85mm.
  • Made of a strong polymer so it won’t rust, it’s easier to attach to the car and can resist a torque of 14 N m.
  • The tent is delivered with 6 sets of James Baroud Clamps, more can be ordered separately. To install, you’ll only need a 8mm hex/Allen key (manual or electrical).


We back our products quality and workmanship with unrivalled warranty terms.
5 Years Warranty: It includes the ABS hull, the mechanism/struts, the canvas, the lift supports, the ladder and its fixings, the zippers, the mosquito net, the mattress

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Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 200 × 140 × 100 mm

White, Black, Metallic Grey